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FLIC Votes supports progressive, transformative, and bold candidates. If you’re interested in seeking an endorsement from FLIC Votes, the first step is to fill out our Endorsement Inquiry Form below!

FLIC Votes works hard to ensure the proper representation of our communities. Getting endorsed is a privilege that must be earned. We ask that you answer these questions truthfully and as descriptive as possible. 

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Information provided in response to these questions will not be disclosed publicly.

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How to become an endorsed candidate

Endorsement process

The first step in the endorsement process is completing the Endorsement Inquiry form which can be found here.

Upon submission of this form, candidates will receive an email from FLIC Votes’ political staff for an interview. Once the interview is completed, the Political Department will bring the endorsement to the FLIC Votes Board of Directors for approval.

This will then go up to a vote, if decided, then you will be notified of endorsement.

Endorsement criteria

FLIC Votes endorses candidates for local, state, and federal elective offices. While  endorsement is based on several factors, to be considered for an endorsement, candidates must:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to supporting progressive values, including a vibrant economy that provides jobs with a living wage, a clean and safe environment, access to health care and high-quality education, an inclusive democracy, comprehensive immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship; commitment to reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, and racial equity
  • Demonstrate community support and a realistic path to victory
  • Align with FLIC Vote’s strategic priorities
  • Understand the role of immigrant populations as it relates to your district(s)
  • Have a clearly outlined policy platform that advances the quality of life for immigrants in your district

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