DeSantis Signs Dangerous Deportation Bill Into Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 14, 2019

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DeSantis Signs Deportation Bill

The governor served his political ambitions and corporate interests and did Trump’s bidding by signing a bill even law enforcement officials opposed

FLORIDA – Today, Governor DeSantis signed his deportation Senate Bill 168, which erodes public safety and undermines local authority. This bill is already instilling fear in immigrant communities and projections show the state will lose $76.7 million in federal taxes and $44.7 million in state and local taxes. In total, Florida will lose $3.5 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) according to a study by the New American Economy. However, Desantis’s political interests and for-profit prisons that donate to him will gain massive amounts of money once SB168 is implemented.

A bipartisan coalition, including business leaders, police chiefs, children and faith leaders spoke against the family separation bill that does nothing more than instill fear among its community members and undermine already burdened local authorities. Yet Florida, which is home to the nation’s largest private prison company, seems like it will continue to work in favor of for-profit corporations at the expense of the safety of all Floridians.

The following is a statement from Isabel Vinent, Deputy Director of FLIC Votes:

“Sadly, the governor’s signature on this bill is a representation of the pay to play sweeping America’s democracy from under our feet. Days before the bill faced dying in the legislature, DeSantis took it upon himself to personally call elected officials, hinting he wasn’t afraid to remove people from office. Rather than a leader working toward the growth and substantial evolution of the state, we’re faced with a governor dead set on meeting his individual political agenda. Eroding the Constitution in the interest of for-profit prisons, their CEO/shareholders, and the elected officials receiving campaign donations is both shameful and disturbing. America is not a nation that favors politicking over the human condition. This is not who we are. Despite the erosion of our Constitution, our people still have rights regardless of their immigration status; whether questioned by a police officer, security guard or even an immigration officer, you still have a constitutional right to remain silent or demand legal representation. We will continue to work to stand for the vision of who we truly are in Florida.”

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Florida Immigrant Coalition Votes seeks to expand democracy by shaping an active and conscious electorate which reflects the diversity of Florida, while engaging those who can’t yet vote.

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