Dangerous Family Separation Bill Passes Florida State Legislature

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DeSantis Deportation Bill Passes the Florida Senate and House

HB 572/SB 168 heads to the governor’s desk and is poised to become law

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —  Week after week, over 3,000 families, kids and clergy, civil libertarians, and even a handful of Republican billionaires, worked the state capitol to reason against House Bill 527/Senate Bill 168, which passed the Florida Senate with a 22 to 18 vote and the House with a 68 to 45 vote, in one of the most damaging legislative sessions in Florida’s history.

The following is a statement from Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition:

“This bill is both hollow and extremely dangerous. It does nothing and hurts everything. What happened with Republicans not being for big government, unfunded mandates and defending family values? It’s all lies. There was no care for how much it would cost, or who would pay. Desperate Desantis had to wrangle his own members, who ultimately cared more about pleasing (or payback) to Trump than representing our collective interests or their own conscience. Perhaps this is red meat not for the voters, but for the for-profit detention-deportation machinery. Only them and self-serving politicians win. We are proud of the efforts that brought together dozens of sectors and mobilized thousands of courageous people to stand up for a true vision of who we are. We are Florida, we will defend our families and we deserve better.”  

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