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Transforming governance and informing those who can’t vote

FLIC Votes seeks to transform governance, engage key stakeholders of the immigrant rights movement, whilst engaging those who can’t yet vote. Through popular education, organizing training, and consciousness building, we bring forth a generation of impactful change in our communities.

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About FLIC Votes

FLIC Votes seeks to expand democracy by shaping an active and conscious electorate that reflects the diversity of Florida while engaging those who can’t yet vote.

FLIC Votes’ rich history as an engine in the mobilization of ordinary citizens to enact extraordinary change comes through powerful civic engagement, popular education, and building consciousness. We work to expand the electorate and bring forth victories for our vulnerable immigrant communities.

Our special sauce comes from engaging low-propensity voters in Florida that are consistently underrepresented, underinvested, and oftentimes ignored. Our priority is to elevate voters in these communities to rise to the challenge of transforming governance within themselves and their communities.


Our work

voter registration
Voters turned out

2020 topline stats

Voters Canvassed
2020 VBM Return Rate
2020 VBM Registrants

Turn-out Rate amongst low-propensity voters

FLIC 66.15% vs non-FLIC LP Voters 44.55%

FLIC Votes 2020 Report

Learn all about voting in Florida, from our all-inclusive voter hub flic.vote

Register to vote, register to vote-by-mail, learn where you can deliver your vote-by-mail ballot, or where you can go vote either on election day or during the early voting period. You can find all of this in one spot!
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While voter participation is central to our civic engagement program, FLIC also creates opportunities for those who cannot vote yet – such as youth and immigrant groups – to participate in our Democracy, such as by joining mobilizations or through storytelling and consciousness-raising work.

From phone and text banks, to voter education and registration, poll watching and more, we’re always in need of helpful hands.
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