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. @GovRonDeSantis still doesn’t care about the Covid-19 crisis… #DeathSantis

Once again, DACA recipients and TPS holders are in danger of being left out of proposed end of year legislation.

Call your member of Congress and tell them not to pass an end of the year package without DACA and TPS protections. #ProtectDACAandTPS
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It took @realDonaldTrump‘s team a while to accept defeat, but they finally did. #BidenHarris #TransitionToBiden

The most impacted by the hurricanes in Central America are Black & Indigenous: Garifuna, Mizkito, Maya among other populations who already suffer from historical patterns of exclusion & discrimination. We ask Congress to support the #EtaReliefActof2020
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Ron #DeathSantis and his team haven’t taken COVID-19 seriously despite the alarming number of infections and deaths in Florida.

We’re less than 400 deaths from reaching 18,000. How many will it take for him to care?
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