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Our people are dying due to #COVID19 & Florida’s terrible crisis management, but @GovRonDeSantis is out in Orlando unveiling a Tesla charging station for the rich. OK. FLICVotes photo

Can someone tell @GovRonDeSantis that people don’t spend 5 days a week in Walmart or Homedepot in a closed room with 20+ other people? FLICVotes photo

“The Supreme Court said Monday that states can punish members of the Electoral College who break a pledge to vote for a state’s popular vote winner in presidential elections.” This is a step towards victory for authentic democracy!

Mismanagement moved #USCIS away from its mission of welcoming immigrants & making citizenship accessible. Now they’re asking for more federal funds but this $ must: 1) no fee increases and keeping fee waivers, 2) remote oath ceremonies, 3) shorter wait times & 4) no #ICE funding. FLICVotes photo

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FLIC Votes seeks to expand democracy by shaping an active and conscious electorate which reflects the diversity of Florida, while engaging those who can’t yet vote.