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“Although dozens of asylum seekers have been allowed to trickle in, many thousands are still waiting in dangerous conditions for their chance to cross the border, including in the Matamoros refugee camp across the border from Brownsville, Texas.”

“Florida is the only state that hasn’t told its residents who will get shots next when more doses are available” because Ron #DeathSantis probably has no specific plan.

ALL educators, students & their families need the vaccine too!

Governor #DeathSantis and Florida’s Republicans don’t vibe with vote-by-mail ballots because they know most are not for their party’s candidates!

These proposals are literally #votersuppression in a state with no need for these changes.

“The bill would immediately provide green cards to farmworkers, those with temporary protected status and young people who arrived in the US undocumented as children.”

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FLIC Votes seeks to expand democracy by shaping an active and conscious electorate which reflects the diversity of Florida, while engaging those who can’t yet vote.

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